Events We Plan to Attend

New Orleans Investment Conference

It all adds up to a blockbuster event — a veritable “homecoming” for the investor community — and a gathering that will be talked about for years to come.

It’s all happening at the 48th annual New Orleans Investment Conference, being held from October 12-15th in the heart of all the music, food, and fun of “the city that care forgot.”

Inside our event, however, we’re going to get serious, and fully address the compelling issues facing investors today.


October 12-15, 2022


New Orleans, LA

Secrets of Successful Syndication

Discover how YOU can start, fund, and operate your OWN real estate investing business … by helping wealthy people grow their wealth through real estate!

Many successful, high income and high-net-worth people have more money than time. They like the IDEA of investing in real estate, but they don’t have the time, knowledge, or interest in actually doing the work.


September 24-25, 2023


Dallas, TX

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