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“Inflation is taxation without legislation.”

Milton Friedman

As the phenomenon of inflation is now occurring, it is a good time to evaluate your current assets. If your monthly income is not increasing with the cost of living, you may be feeling the need to adjust your lifestyle.

Maybe you are starting to see cracks in your nest egg as your assets decrease in value, with the decline of the dollar. When you are planning for your future, things like inflation and unstable investments can steal your wealth.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Assets with intrinsic value provide income and stability through economic changes. You can protect your purchasing power through inflation with the right investments.

In general, purchasing power that’s derived from savings, fixed rate bonds, and cash is currently diminishing with the value of the dollar. You see this in a few telling signs, one of the most apparent being the way your dollar doesn’t buy as much as it did last year.

However, it is not solely because the cost of items has gone up. Rather your dollar is actually worth less – loss of purchasing power. Another symptom of decreasing dollar value is “shrinkflation” – the same product you always buy now comes in a smaller package for the same price.

This is not a marketing scheme, but is actually a reaction to inflation. As more money is being printed, there are more dollars. But the amount of goods and services remains the same, causing the dollar to decrease or “shrink” in value.

The company which provides this product is seeing that the dollar is worth less and their good is still costing them the same (if not more) to produce— and so they adjusted accordingly.

What adjustments are YOU making to protect yourself and your livelihood against inflation?

“Throughout history, all paper money has eventually come back to its true value, which is zero.” – Robert Kiyosaki

Inflation dramatically decreases the value of cash, savings accounts, annuities, yearly salaries, and other fixed income streams. As this is currently happening, you may be looking at your nest egg and realizing it is no longer going to sustain your lifestyle.

Your purchasing power is decreasing monthly… your working time cannot possibly increase… and your goal to exit the rat race is still drawing near. Do not give up!

You can’t get more time, but you CAN plan for these changes by investing in cash-flowing assets that positively correlate with inflation.

You still have the right to choose a better path to freedom and it is not too late.

There is a path to freedom that is not detoured by inflation. You can own real assets that provide income streams that rise with the rates of inflation, thus offsetting the negative impact to your lifestyle. This means that when the cost of living rises so does your income.

Our team is committed to finding the right investments that can help you rise above the decline of the dollar. We believe you can sustain your lifestyle through inflationary times by implementing the proper investment strategy.

When you are ready to increase the performance of your investment portfolio, we can help you develop a plan of action to maintain your purchasing power, build passive income, and protect yourself against inflation. Talk to us to figure out your options.

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