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Welcome to 2022!

You may have spent some time over the holidays reflecting on this past year. We hope you met all of your financial goals in 2021 and you are thinking big for 2022!

As you prepare for the quickly approaching tax season you are probably reminded of the large amount of wealth Uncle Sam is stealing from you.

Is your tax bill much higher than you would like it to be?

Pay Your Tax Now

Many real asset investors legally pay zero dollars in tax every year by following tax and investment strategies specific to their needs. Many people believe only the uber-rich pay zero taxes. This is not true…. these opportunities are available to everyone and our team can show you how.

The first step to understanding why you pay so much in taxes is to understand how you earn your income. There are three basic types of income: Ordinary, Portfolio, and Passive. Each type is taxed differently and needs a different investment strategy to offset the associated taxes.

What does this mean for you?

Taxes are truly optional.

With a good tax and investment strategy, you can legally eliminate taxes owed on ANY type of income you earn.

You earned your money, you should keep it.

We realize taxes are complicated and as a busy professional you have limited time and researching the tax code may not be on the top of your list!

Our team specializes in developing investment opportunities that help offset taxes from each type of income. So no matter what type of income you earn, there are investment and tax strategies that can help YOU legally pay zero in tax for 2022!

When you are ready, we are available to talk about what type of income you earn and what strategies you can follow.

We are actively researching investments that offer you the opportunity to save your tax dollars and keep your hard-earned money working for you. Keep an eye out for details about our upcoming investment opportunity in the next few weeks… if it fits your plan and strategy you won’t want to miss it!

If you’re interested in paying zero tax in 2022 while earning a good return on your investments, let’s start your strategy today.

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  • “Wealth efficiency” and the Power of Compounding
    At RAIT we often discuss “Wealth Efficiency”. It is exactly as it sounds – instead of battling the inefficient headwinds of “one size fits all” financial advice, we consider individual tax situations, personal goals, market volatility, and business cycles.
  • Receive personal and financial return from your investments.
    Calculating ROI is important, but what you are personally benefiting from each investment is equally important. There are many ways to be sure you get the most out of your time and money with each investment opportunity.
  • Reflect On Your Ideal Lifestyle
    The first step towards achieving freedom is visualizing what freedom looks like for you; after all, how can you get somewhere if you do not know where you are going?
  • Establish the life you WANT to live.
    The Real Asset Investing Team is here to help guide you toward establishing a “life you WANT to live”. In the meantime, let’s start working on the “life you HAVE to live” and start creating a profitable, tax efficient, investment portfolio which will help catapult you toward your financial freedom.
  • Invest With Confidence During Uncertain Times.
    The news is filled with warnings of recession. During uncertain times, financial decisions carry more weight and need more attention.
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