Inflation is Stealing Your Purchasing Power

Posted at July 7, 2022 Posted In Blog, Financial Freedom, Inflation

As the phenomenon of inflation is now occurring, it is a good time to evaluate your current assets. If your monthly income is not increasing with the cost of living, you may be feeling the need to adjust your lifestyle.

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It’s risky to have only one source of income

Posted at June 3, 2022 Posted In Blog, Passive Income

Diversification is a common strategy used to protect your overall financial position from unpredictable market cycles and investments that don’t go as planned. The conventional wisdom is that diversification should be practiced with investments to reduce your risk of loss. We agree… AND we believe diversification should also be applied to your income stream. Income diversification helps mitigate unforeseen changes to the recurring cashflow that supports your lifestyle.

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  • Establish the life you WANT to live.
    The Real Asset Investing Team is here to help guide you toward establishing a “life you WANT to live”. In the meantime, let’s start working on the “life you HAVE to live” and start creating a profitable, tax efficient, investment portfolio which will help catapult you toward your financial freedom.
  • Invest With Confidence During Uncertain Times.
    The news is filled with warnings of recession. During uncertain times, financial decisions carry more weight and need more attention.
  • Ways to Increase Financial Literacy
    At Real Asset Investing Team, we desire to help successful professionals create long-term wealth without paying massive amounts in taxes. 
  • Increase the efficiency of your financial plan.
    At the beginning of 2022, you probably set a financial goal and are now looking to confirm that your plan will ‘sure up’ well as we near the end of the year. It is imperative to make the right moves now in order to make the most of your earnings this year. You are likely already investing money and now is a good time to be sure it is invested in the most profitable way for you.
  • Key Takeaways from The Investor Summit
    We just got back from the Real Estate Guys Investor Summit with Robert Helms and Russell Gray. What an amazing crowd of investors ...
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