Joe Ware comes from a background in mechanical construction in the commercial and industrial space. Together with his wife Kim, they also own and operate an agriculture/retail business. The juggling of a full time W2 job, running a business, paying a lot in taxes and wanting more freedom to spend with his family jump started Joe’s pursuance in educating himself, investing in real assets and seeking ways to legally pay less in taxes.

Joe has grown his investment portfolio in single family and multi-family long term rentals, LP multi family syndications, Foreign Agriculture, and Domestic Oil, Gas and Coal syndications. He enjoys learning and sharing with others about investing, macro economics and personal freedom. He believes in owning real assets and is passionate in researching and finding deals that produce passive income.

Passive income is key in providing the opportunity to truly live life on our terms, and take advantage of the most precious commodity….TIME! His goal is to teach others what he has learned along the way and help others achieve their financial independence.

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