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At Real Asset Investing Team, we desire to help successful professionals create long-term wealth without paying massive amounts in taxes. We are passionate about learning, growing, and helping others to do the same! We are sharing some resources that have helped us build the skills and mindset needed for wealth preservation and investing.

In the book, “Tax-Free Wealth”, Tom Wheelwright offers strategic and practical ways to build wealth and drastically reduce the amount of taxes you pay each year.

A few memorable quotes from the book:

“90 percent of entrepreneurs and investors can reduce their taxes simply by learning the basics of tax law.”

“Taxes will either make you rich or make you poor.”

“I write this because I want you to know that you can also use the tax code to your advantage to help you make money—or at the very least, greatly reduce your tax burden.”

Educating yourself is one of the first steps in building a path to the financial freedom you deserve. We hope that you will continue to learn and grow with us!

  • “Wealth efficiency” and the Power of Compounding
    At RAIT we often discuss “Wealth Efficiency”. It is exactly as it sounds – instead of battling the inefficient headwinds of “one size fits all” financial advice, we consider individual tax situations, personal goals, market volatility, and business cycles.
  • Receive personal and financial return from your investments.
    Calculating ROI is important, but what you are personally benefiting from each investment is equally important. There are many ways to be sure you get the most out of your time and money with each investment opportunity.
  • Reflect On Your Ideal Lifestyle
    The first step towards achieving freedom is visualizing what freedom looks like for you; after all, how can you get somewhere if you do not know where you are going?
  • Establish the life you WANT to live.
    The Real Asset Investing Team is here to help guide you toward establishing a “life you WANT to live”. In the meantime, let’s start working on the “life you HAVE to live” and start creating a profitable, tax efficient, investment portfolio which will help catapult you toward your financial freedom.
  • Invest With Confidence During Uncertain Times.
    The news is filled with warnings of recession. During uncertain times, financial decisions carry more weight and need more attention.
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